Welcome to Energy Environmental Corporation's Platinum LEED Home web site. The purpose of our site is to provide information and resources about the construction of Platinum LEED Homes in an effort to promote, advance, and accelerate the adoption of green homebuilding practices nationally.

Completed Home Undergoing Certification

The unique features of this home that sets it apart from typical green building is in the innovative design and installation of Integrated Renewable Energy Systems , which provide space conditioning, hot water, and power to the home. Integrated systems are the combination of technologies, such as solar hot water and geothermal heat pumps, which complement one another to achieve greater energy efficiency than single systems operating alone. The practice of integrating systems within the home and environment is commonplace in Europe, where energy efficiency practices and building codes are years advanced to US standard building practices. We hope that public education on the environmental and economic benefits of these systems will help advance their utilization within the US.

The combination of passive solar design, a high quality building envelope, and innovative design of integrated renewable energy systems will result in zero energy heating and cooling of the home. It incorporates ENERGY STAR design concepts, products, and partnering initiatives and is a prime example of the results possible with Energy Star. As a result, our models predict that this home is 80% more efficient than typical construction of a similar home of this size.

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