About Our Project

On Thanksgiving Day, November 22 2007, a devastating fire engulfed and destroyed the Wallace home, located in Centennial, Colorado. Al Wallace, the owner of the home, and founder of Energy Environmental Corporation, rescued his family's two cats and two dogs, before being forced to jump off the roof, narrowly escaping the flames. Remains of the home are shown below.

wallace house fire centennial thanksgiving 2007.

Having been involved in the sustainable building industry for ten years, and as an effort to create something positive out the catastrophe, Mr. Wallace decided to rebuild an energy efficient and environmentally friendly new home. The new green home is a showcase home and office for Energy Environmental Corporation and is used as an example to educate homeowners and the building industry about sustainable practices, systems, and products.

A New Start

The new home was reconstructed on top of the existing foundation and basement. Loops for the geothermal heat pump system remain from the past structure, which have been combined with solar hot water, providing warmth and domestic hot water for the home. Approximately 3000 square feet, divided between two floors provides a comfortable living space with four bedrooms and bathrooms. The exterior of the residential home is an aesthetically pleasing stucco and stone finish. Please visit our Construction Progress page for plans and pictures of the homebuilding process.

Eco friendly interior plaster along with lighting controls, refurbished wood flooring, and energy and water efficient appliances are just a sampling of the many green products included in the interior design. Please visit our Renewable Energy Systems and Eco Friendly Products sections for details on the systems and products incorporated into the home.

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