Adhesives, Caulks, and Paints  

Using adhesives, caulks, and paints with low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC's) is an important measure for ensuring high indoor air quality and a healthy environment in a home. VOC's are a variety of chemicals emitted as gases from these products used during construction.  Concentrations of VOC's are consistently as much as ten times higher indoors compared to outdoors and can cause adverse health effects.  We have chosen products with little or no VOC content.

Titebond GREENchoice Adhesives

Titebond GREENchoice Adhesives were designed to achieve maximum performance with minimum impact to the environment. The solvent-free and low VOC formulas provide a safe and healthy living and working environment.  Additionally, corrugate cartridges made from post-consumer recycled material help reduce the impact of waste on the environment.

Product Review by Energy Environmental

We are very impressed with the performance and quality of the line of Titebond GREENChoice Adhesives.  The cartridges containing the adhesives are also made from post-consumer recycled content.  We tested the subfloor adhesive which performed very well.  It truly is low VOC and easy to clean up with water (prior to setting), has outstanding holding properties, and was able to bridge gaps/voids very well without collapsing or failing.

We also tested a small panel with the drywall adhesive and heavy duty construction adhesive with similar excellent results.   The construction adhesive remains flexible even when dry, which is quite desirable.  We used it on foam board with excellent results.  

The Titebond radon adhesive is the first paintable low VOC product that we have found.  This is notable.  It appears to perform as well as Silicon caulks.  The basement had been finished and sealed with silicone caulk 10 years ago, so we used it to seal some additional cracks.

The best product which is low VOC and outperforms most other construction adhesives is the premium polyurethane construction adhesive.  We have to insure it does not get on our hands as it literally sticks to anything very fast.  It also did well adhering to solid insulation panels, plastic, drywall, and wood.

LandArk Wood Sealant and Stain

Land Ark is a premium penetrating oil finish handcrafted in small batches with the highest quality, all natural ingredients from sustainable resources. Land Ark is made without the use of toxic heavy metal dryers, chemical processing, petroleum distillates or bleaching. All of the products are biodegradable, non-ozone depleting, and are listed in several leading green building material publications and can be used on large timbers, logs, v-groove, cabinets, doors and more.  Energy Environmental is using LandArk as a sealer for the reclaimed timbers and wood surfaces throughout the home.

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