Foundations, Footers, and Slab

Bigfoot Systems

Bigfoot Systems are plastic footing forms used as pier footings with construction tubes. Engineered design ensures greatly increased stability, safety, and. By using the natural laws of physics to evenly distribute the entire load's weight, the footing is solidly secured to the earth. In addition, the footing forms are made from recycled high density polyethylene plastic. Energy Environmental utilized several Big Foot Forms to replace hard-to-reach pier locations as changes to the foundation were being made.

Installation of Bigfoot Footer in the Home

Ashford Formula

Since its introduction to the United States in 1947, the Ashford Formula single-handedly created the concrete densification concept and developed it into a widely accepted and acknowledged industry. Because of its unique and proprietary process for chemical densification, the Ashford Formula has been specified for use on over 3 billion square feet of concrete surfaces worldwide. The Ashford Formula seals, hardens, dust proofs, and cures concrete by penetrating the surface and solidifying the components into one solid mass. Concrete surfaces treated with the Ashford Formula are protected, preserved, and strengthened for the life of the concrete. With just one permanent application, many concrete surfaces are still performing today after 30, 40, and even 50 years of continuous use. It has replaced high maintenance coatings as the product of choice for commercial and industrial concrete floors. The Ashford formula has been applied to cement in the garage, driveway, and side walks of Energy Environmental's home to provide sealing and protection.


A fresh coat of Ashford Formula applied to the garage floor

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