Timber Frame, Framing, Joists, and Headers


Macdonald & Lawrence are a carpentry company that specialize in heavy timber construction. Based on Southern Vancouver Island BC, they undertake new construction of traditional timber frames and contemporary timber structures as well as the conservation of historic timber structures. With a 20 year track record of work around the world, they focus on flexibility and top quality service and will adapt their teams and services to best meet the needs of each project and client. A wide variety of work is what keeps them challenged and enthusiastic for the craft they love. Their mission is simple; Lead By Example.

Macdonald & Lawrence are working with Energy Environmental on the design and construction of a timber frame entry for the platinum LEED home. This company is wonderful to work with. Their expertise is obvious in their design and drawings, which are so accurate that the remainder of the house is being built around their frame. The timber frame is being constructed out of old growth douglas fir wood, reclaimed from an old aircraft factory on Vancouver island. See below for pictures of the design and final product.

Timber Frame Front Porch Entry as of November 10th, 2008

Above is a conceptual design from Macdonald and Lawrence of the porch and main entry turret. The entry way of the home will be open, extending as tall as the third story and naturally lit through windows in the turret.

Pictures showing reclaimed wood timbers from an old aircraft factory before and after being processed and made into turet and stair pieces (bottom left) and the front porch frame (lower right).

Brewster Timber Frame Company


Brewster Timber Frame Company accomplished all the trim on the home, with the exception of the front porch, stairs and turret. In business since 1985, Brewster Timber Frame Co. combines traditional craftsmanship with historical hand crafted timber framing and modern technology to create solid, long lasting, beautiful, energy efficient structures.

The company is a local resource providing design, fabrication and installation services for log and timber frame structures incorporating highly energy efficient SIPs (structural insulated panels) enclosure system. Other projects range from full home, barn and addition structures to pergolas, arbors, trusses, exterior and interior timber and log trim details.

Emphasizing sustainable living and building practices including local source beetle kill pine timbers, recycled and reclaimed timbers, use of portable solar and wind power generator to run the tools used to cut the frames, Brewster Timber Frame Co. will help you turn your ideas into reality.

Superior Wood Systems


Superior Wood Systems SWII headers are pre-engineered to produce the ultimate in structural capacity and versatility. Energy Environmental utilized these insulated headers throughout the home.  The advantages of SWII headers compared to solid lumber include:

Cost: The materials cost of SWII headers are comparable to conventional headers, but Pre-fabricated SWII headers save money in the long run when you compare the time and cost of fabricating conventional headers on-site.
Time Saving: Pre-insulated SWII headers eliminate time spent on insulating on-site.
Less Waste: There is significantly less waste with SWII headers than conventional headers
Energy Efficient: The insulated headers provide an R value of 18.
Lightweight:  SWII headers are much lighter than conventional headers and can be handled by a single worker.
Dimensionally Stable: SWII headers are dimensionally stable and do not require shimming for a tight fit.

View of a SWS insulated header installed during framing of the first level

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