Real Time Energy Monitoring 

EEC is working with industry experts to develop and provide real time energy use data of the integrated geothermal heat pumps systems of the home through a combination of sensors and controls. Data will be wirelessly relayed using industry standards such as Zigbee and BACnet.. In addition to simply monitoring, this will also enable EEC to improve the performance and overall efficiency of the systems through real-time control of pumps, compressor speeds, and flow rates.

For example, the coefficient of performance (COP) of a geothermal heat pump can be maximized to achieve the greatest energy efficiency through monitoring and adjusting the flow rates. This was demonstrated by studies in the EU which tested real time control of flow rates and showed a COP of 6.8% in the heating mode and 8% in the cooling mode.

Check back for more information as these capabilities are developed and implemented in the home.

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